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27-28 Sept 2019, Belgrade

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About Design Thinkers

Design Thinkers is an NGO gathering young talents, social entrepreneurs, students, artists, professors and trainers around the goal to support cultivation, development, and implementation of social innovations. Based on contemporary methods and tools for problem solving, our projects are aimed at meaningful social transformation for making the world a better place.

Our goals are:

> developing a community of DT experts and practitioners

> developing projects based on DT principles


> creating educational programmes on DT 

> empowering collaborations with DT-referenced international organizations

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About the conference

The conference “Design for Better Society“ is setting a foundation for mutual understanding of the significance, potential and impact of design thinking. 

For the first time in the region, the eminent design thinkers and practitioners from the entire world are gathering to shed a light on, perhaps, the most relevant subject – how to create value and make the world a better place.

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Danica Bojić


Danica Bojić is an emerging design thinker, manager in art and culture and social entrepreneur. 

As a young activist she served on various task forces shaping youth education policy in Serbia and the EU. Right after graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts she started working at the Faculty of Applied Arts, connecting and empowering young talents and professionals as an Expert for International Relations and Projects. As a founding partner of art & design start-up Stiglo, she leads its Project and Creative Management, creating space for artistic collaboration and innovative branding.


After discovering design thinking and having obtained most relevant certification in the field, Danica founded Design Thinkers and committed herself to converging all her passions and interests in order to interface the civil sector with design and art. She keeps connecting young talents and referenced experts with an aim of meaningful social transformation for making Serbia and the world a better place.



Olivera Batajić Sretenović


Olivera is an award-winning designer and artist, currently teaching Book Design at Faculty of Applied Arts. Her PhD project both researches on interactive books and produces a novel format, as well developing and blending innovative approaches to interaction and graphic storytelling. Olivera is committed to developing international projects and building mobility networks, she is dedicated to directing exhibitions and is the originator of the Student Artbook Biennial.


With a rich experience in publishing industry working for Publico, the biggest newspaper company in Portugal, she also collaborated with Serbian publishers such as Samizdat B92, Kreativni center, or Book Factory. Through collaboration with cultural institutions such as National Library of Serbia, Film Center Serbia, Center for Cultural Decontamination and Cinema Rex, Olivera created dozens of books, posters, publications and other promotional materials, as well as accomplished several notable web design projects


Having discovered design thinking a long time ago and gradually building up her knowledge in the field, Olivera keeps increasingly implementing DT principles and tools in her everyday work. 



Andrija Stojanovic


Andrija Stojanović is manager and producer in culture and media, a tireless activist and a prolific spring of slightly crazy but excellent ideas. As a founder of NGO The point of Communication, Andria has contributed to the organisation's mission as the motor behind many national and international projects that focus on participative practices in cultural management and cultural heritage as well as art, design and production. His work consistently aims to improve municipal urban planning policies to be more human focused and effect as community building agent. 


Andria has graduated Management in Media and Culture from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and  holds a Bachelor degree in Information Management from Singidunum University. He is currently working at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. 


Realising his work has always been in line with the principles of Design Thinking, he currently seeks to implement these in every segment of his creative and managerial work. 



Milica Bojić


Milica Bojic is an architect, entrepreneur, trainer and business coach with multidisciplinary international experience, who dedicates her work to helping people become better by working together. 


She has been involved in creating positive impact through empowering mindful leadership,  sustainable community education and purpose driven business development. For over a decade Milica has been working with communities, startups, and businesses helping them build agile, resilient systems, engage employees and create culture grounded in (com)passionate collaboration.


She is passionate about solving complex problems and building strategies that utilise the power of participative design. Milica is a founder of two ethical fashion startups - Cotton Flower and Artful Scout - based out of India and USA, as well as a family education centre Ganga Learning Centre.  

In recent years she has been more focused on project management and employee engagement in the IT sector as a co-founder of Rokada Ecosystems. 



​Introduce DT to the civil sector in Serbia and the region​​.


Foster social innovation through DT​.


Instigate cross-sector collaboration and


They said about Design Thinking

“If you are not aware of how you are part of the problem, you can’t be part of the solution.”

Systems Thinking For Social Change: A Practical Guide to Solving Complex Problems, Avoiding Unintended Consequences, and Achieving Lasting Results,
David Peter Stroh


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